Why video?

Why not!?

As many brides budget out their wedding, video is often toward the bottom of those numbers.  Which is understandable — a dress is pretty necessary, everyone loves a good piece of cake, and the people won’t show up without those invitations.  However, brides shouldn’t discount the importance of video.

In years past, video was considered more of a luxury for a wedding.  However with advancements in equipment as well as the reduced cost to own that equipment, it has become much more commonplace to see a videographer standing next to the photographer.

Rock Cottage Media captures all the angles of this first dance. (Photo by JP Beato III)

So why video?  First and foremost, a wedding day goes by much faster than most brides or grooms realize.  Ask any bride at least one year removed from her wedding to remember details aside from walking down the aisle or the first dance; odds are, they’ll be hard pressed to recall much beyond that.

Secondly, even for those with good memory, there’s still nothing like hearing the actual audio from your wedding events.  Imagine being able to let your children hear your actual vows 20 years after they happen, or their grandfather’s speech that always brings tears to your eyes.

And lastly, while pictures may be worth a thousand words, then perhaps a video could be worth a million.  While a skilled photographer can effective capture a moment in a single shot, it still doesn’t show how the bride’s dress flowed as she walked down the aisle or the turns and steps of the first dance.

Finding a budget that allows you to host the day you’ve been dreaming of for years is tough.  But before you put video at the bottom of the list or cut it out of your big day without a second thought, think of the investment you’re making.  It may cost you an extra $500, or $1,000 — or in some cases $4,000 — but 20 years down the road you’ll be glad you did it.  Because after the cake is gone, the dress is packed away and the flowers have wilted, you’ll only have three things to remember the big day:  your husband, the pictures, and the video.


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