The happiest place on Earth

You all know what I’m talking about.


It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 95, everyone pretty much loves Disneyland.

So I stumbled across this video, on “DisneyParks” YouTube account.

The question you have to ask is, is it an act or is it real?

All the females can probably look at this girl’s face and say it looks pretty real.  But then again actresses in movies can cry on cue and win Oscars for faking emotions like that.

All the males are probably saying, really?  REALLY?  Most of us have a hard enough time getting the ring out of the pocket or remembering the nice love filled lines we’ve written, let alone an entire choreographed dance.

I’m not a groundbreaker on asking that question — there’s actually a ton of discussion already on this subject.  As a videographer, I have to look at this with a critical eye; if this is real, this guy had a ton of hookup at Disney.  First, the lighting on the scene is incredible.  Even with the best professional cameras at nighttime, video shot with just basic street lighting or theme park lighting wouldn’t illuminate the dancers like they were in the video.  Also, there were multiple camera angles and multiple microphones here — so we’re not just talking the dancers on the street, but also the four (at minimum) videographers they used to make this thing happen.  But looking on the positive side, maybe this guy was “Mr. Cool” at the park and could call in a favor to all his buddies.  If not, I’m pretty sure he forked over a good amount of money to pull something off like this.

Pouring over some of the other discussions out there, there’s a person that claims to be friends with “Erika’s” real boyfriend, and another that claims they called Disney to try to set up something similar only to get the cold shoulder.  Another claiming to be familiar with Disney operations said it was a part of their “What will you celebrate” promotion campaign.

But just like Disney’s good at doing, they make all of us somewhere inside believe that it was real.  And that’s probably why they call it the happiest place on Earth.

Because even if it was fake, I have to admit that it made me smile and think, “now that’s pretty neat”.


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Don't you hate these? I never know where to start. So I start with a rhetorical question! ;) And describe myself in 140 words or less? Ha!
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