Never Go To Bed Angry

Ever heard that phrase before?

Never go to bed angry…

We’ve done a few “love story” interviews where we’ve heard that phrase uttered more than once, and it’s often times worked into a sentence or two from the last standing couple during the “anniversary dance” (you know, the one where the couple who has been married the longest gets to give you advice).

And you know what?  It’s probably true.

If you go to bed upset with someone, it’s likely you’ll awaken upset at them.  It’s kind of like a thorn in your finger — unless you pull it out, it’s still going to make your finger hurt.

A lot of what we hear too on these wedding excursions is that “marriage isn’t easy”.  And as un-magical as it sounds, they are actually right.  It takes work from both sides.  Just like you have the occasional bad day at work, you’re going to have the bad day at home.

So it seems as if those two pieces of advice are working against each other; how is one supposed to go to bed happy when marriage isn’t easy?

Simply put, patience.  Yeah, that’s another one we hear a lot…

But it’s true.  If you have patience with the person you’ve fallen in love with and have promised to stand next to, through thick and thin, good and bad, you’ll find that it’s not so hard to look past those little things that make you angry.  And the more patience you have, the better you’ll weather those little bumps that can make marriage difficult sometimes.

And going to bed in a chipper mood has its other benefits.  For instance, your blood pressure will be lower.  And have you tried to sleep when something’s on your mind?  Usually next to impossible.

So remember the next time your spouse gets you all riled up, work out your problems before hitting the hay; that couple at the Smith wedding who have been married for 45 years highly recommends it.


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