True Love Waits

How long would you wait for the love of your life?

For those that have been dating someone for many years without an engagement ring, you might say “as long as it takes”.

But how about 46 years?

Rewind to 1967 when Donna McCall began watching the hit television show “The Munsters”.  She had a little crush on the young character “Eddie Munster” played by Butch Patrick.  So she began writing fan letters.  And writing.  And writing.  Long after the show had made its exit, she made it a point to still write a fan letter to Patrick at least once a year.

Even when she was a slight star of her own as a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, she still wrote.

Well keeping up with technology, Donna emailed Butch one day on his personal website, and was surprised to get a response just a few days later.  And it even had his personal cell phone number.

The two began talking back and forth, and eventually met face-to-face.  Shortly after, the 57-year-old Butch proposed to Donna, who naturally said yes.

And that’s not the first time it’s happened.  Robert and Mary Roser met in 1956 at a Fort Benning Red Cross office.  They dated shortly but when he was shipped off California, they broke it off.  Fast forward to 2002, and Mary made it her mission to find Robert again after she lost her husband.  When she did find him, come to find out he had lost his wife too.  And so in 2004, at the age of 84 and 72, Robert and Mary were once again reunited through marriage.

So if you really think you were made to be with another person, just give it time; they might just eventually propose to you.

Even if it takes 46 years or more years.

(Don’t know what “The Munsters” or Eddie Munster looks like?  Watch the video…but good luck getting the song out of your head afterwards)


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Don't you hate these? I never know where to start. So I start with a rhetorical question! ;) And describe myself in 140 words or less? Ha!
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