You Want To Do What?!

That’s probably the reaction from some people, when an idea outside the “normal” wedding list is proposed.

There’s the old-fashioned sense of how a wedding must be performed.  White dress, march down the aisle, say the vows, first dance, cut the cake, honeymoon.  Sure, almost every wedding will have those components; but most couples adhere to the more traditional “standards” when coordinating those items.

Lately though, we’ve seen more and more people breaking away from those norms.  At a recent wedding, we heard ColdPlay and Maroon 5 just mere moments before the bridal party started the march down the aisle.

At another, a couple that broke into a break dance mid-way through their first dance.

And we just had a couple recently call us to mix together a CD for their first dance, to which they’re going to choreograph something similar to the “Evolution of Dance”.

By now, you’ve all seen the “JK Wedding Entrance”, where the couples dance in to a Chris Brown song.  If you haven’t, apparently you’re one of the 54 million people that hasn’t seen it.  (Literally! YouTube has it listed with 54,000,000 views.)

But apparently there was one done before that.  Check out this video below, and then continue reading.

Talk about breaking away from the “mold”.

And here’s the thing about it — it is YOUR wedding day after all.  All those people are there as guests to what essentially is your “show”.  And why not make it memorable, if that fits your personality.  In the video, look how much fun those audience members were having.  Do you think they will all still be talking about that wedding long after the couple celebrates their 10th anniversary?

The same thing applies to your first dance.  There’s nothing that says you have to circle around in a little 8 foot by 8 foot space on the dance floor.  For example, check out this video:

You paid for that whole dance floor, so use it!

Of course, not everyone will feel as comfortable trying something outside of the standards.  As stated before, your wedding should fit your personality.

But if you do have an idea that you’d like to do, and someone says “you want to do what?!”, remind them just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it that way.

Plus, they just might be in the background of your YouTube video that has 54 million views.


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