It’s not official until…

You’ve heard the saying by now.

“It’s not official until it’s Facebook official.”

In the days of old, women would rush home to call every friend they still had a number for to tell them they were engaged.  They took out announcements in the local newspaper to inform everyone in their community they got engaged.  Grandmas and moms would share the good news at their book clubs, church socials, and other gatherings.  It was slow-moving, but the job got done.

And by days of “old”, that means about roughly 1990.  Technology has changed the wedding world in less than 20 years.

Now, brides-to-be call their close family and friends first from their cell phones, and then moments later change their Facebook status to inform everyone else.  How many times have you logged on to Facebook to see so-and-so is “engaged”, to which you immediately post a “congratulations!”?  For those beyond 21, probably more than once.

News that used to take months to filter down to those who were interested now takes a few mere minutes with a couple of clicks.

Those who say that “Facebook is taking over the world” may be prophets more than comedians.

So is it strange to see something like this?

Aside from the fact that mom always told you not to text in church, not really.  We’ve seen brides that have updated their relationship status at the reception.

Forget the marriage license — if it’s not on Facebook, then it’s not true.

But the real question has to be, what’s the next step from here?  If we now inform everyone through Facebook status updates, in 20 years,what will be the new way to spread the news?  Who knows…perhaps a 3D video message will pop up in our flying cars.  (You may laugh at that sentence now, but did you think 15 years ago that you’d be able to watch an entire movie on a cell phone?)

But for those that may think it’s strange to want to update your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other profile so quickly, just realize that it’s becoming a social norm as a way for people to inform all their other friends and family what’s happening.  It’s the same thing that’s been done for many decades now, except that it’s just being done in a different way.

So the next time you’re at a wedding, check your friend’s profile early in the reception — because if it’s not Facebook official, they really haven’t gotten married yet.


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Don't you hate these? I never know where to start. So I start with a rhetorical question! ;) And describe myself in 140 words or less? Ha!
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